4634 - Perception - The mountain within

In the film 4634 - Perception - The Mountain Within - Géraldine makes us climb to 4634 meters of altitude at Monte Rosa. Up there, she explores the possibility of flying with her wing. Follow the latest technological developments of the bird woman that allows her today to hover faster and further. A new world opens up to her, beyond the limits she knew until then.
Mont Rose, the highest mountain range of Switzerland with “Dufourspitze”, its highest peak, at 4,634m in altitude, is the new dream of the bird woman. Snowboarding down the longest couloir of the Alps, the Marinelli and flying in wingsuit from the highest peak of the Mont Rose, natural boundary between Switzerland and Italy. 4634 “Perception – The Mountain Within”, is a journey which takes the spectator on the tracks of this outstanding woman, the preparation, the ascent, the flight and the pleasure of gliding in the infinity. In this 26-minute film and through her documentaries, Géraldine delivers to us her perception of the mountain and her philosophy. An inspiring and passionate movie.
The official project page: www.4634byTAGHeuer.com
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