"It was a very technical jump and an incredible flight reserved for experienced climber and base jumper"
G.F., 2012.

les drus - mont blanc

First jump in a Wingsuit from the historical Alpine symbol "Les Drus" facing the Mont-Blanc, achieved on Wednesday 25th July 2012.

"I dreamed one day be able to fly from this mythical summit!" G.F., 2012. 

"I climbed "Les Drus" for the first time in 2010 with a team but victims of a stone fall dislodged during my abseil we could not achieve the jump from the Quartz ledge (400m. below the summit) which was finally realized by Valery Rosov in 2011. That's why I decided to return to this mountain only the day I could open the jump from the summit with a pretty powerful wingsuit" G.F., 2012.

At that time, we could not dream possible to jump from such a summit with so little verticality. Géraldine knew that there was only 140 meters of vertical drop. She went up there to check and confirm with her laser. She knew that she mostly had to have a wingsuit that would give her enough glide and security to be able to fly from the top.

Thanks to the evolution of the Phoenix-Fly wingsuit that made it possible. Géraldine offers Julien, her friend for years and all two exceptional wingsuiters with a great experience of the mountain, to accompany her in this opening. The careful preparation of their start on technical jumps, is one of the most important key to success.

They decided to make this ascent together with two experienced climbers in order to save maximum energy for their jump.

A departure at 3 o'clock early morning from the Charpoua refuge, allows them to reach the summit at 11:30. The climb was long with 12kg on the back including their mountain gear, wingsuit and parachutes.

An incredible flight at 3730 meters altitude in the north face of this iconic mountain full of history.

Géraldine Fasnacht: Wingsuit pilot
Julien Meyer: Wingsuit pilot
David Autheman: cameraman

Video of the adventure

Link: www.tvmountain.com

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