"this is the best jump we could open in our life. flying from the top of the emblem of switzerland is an incredible feeling, the matterhorn (4478m)" g.F., 2014.

Opening the matterhorn

Géraldine Fasnacht flew from the top of the Matterhorn. Accompanied by her friend Julien Meyer, Geraldine Fasnacht opened the summit of the Matterhorn in wingsuit on the stroke of noon, Saturday, June 7, 2014. This is a world first, made in special circumstances. Géraldine and Julien slept in tents before getting up in the middle of the night to climb the mythical mountain from the Hörnli ridge. The adventurers were accompanied by the mountain guides, Claude-Alain Gailland and Hervé Gresch, for this difficult ascent: 8 hours of effort in a lot of snow.

After opting for the most favourable start, Géraldine then Julien started from the top of the EAST face. They circled the Matterhorn before landing at the foot of the North Face. A performance made possible thanks to Phoenix-Fly's new wingsuit wings technology.

Release of a 52-minute documentary in July 2015, retracing this beautiful Matterhorn adventure, the dream of the Bird Woman directed by Buonasera productions, in co-production with the RTS.

Trailer of the movie

In the Matterhorn with Géraldine and Julien there was also the cameraman and director, Bertrand Delapierre. He captured beautiful images throughout the ascent and departure of this historic flight. He is one of those birds able to climb a camera in the most committed routes, to frame himself the images of his films.

Video of the 1st jump from the top of the Matterhorn.


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