"Géraldine is one of the best freerider ladies our world has known" 7Sky Magazine, 2014.


In 2002 Géraldine Fasnacht won the most extreme freeride competition in the world; The Verbier Xtreme. That was when her snowboarding career took off. That same year, at the age of 21, five additional victories catapulted her to the top of the freeride world. Always ready to go beyond her limits, she took part in International Freeride Competition and the Freeride World Tour for eight years. 

Her results :

11 international freeride victories, 3 in the grand final of the Verbier Xtreme, and 23 podiums around the globe. 

Géraldine loves discovering new horizons and experiencing new sensations. Since 2005 she has been carrying out groundbreaking expeditions to conquer the most beautiful summits.

She has left traces with her snowboard in incredibly steep slopes, and has performed breathtaking wingsuit flights. 

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