"The swiss, Géraldine Fasnacht, is a pioneer. At the crossroads between the mountaineering and the aeronautics, she FLIES into the void all over the world" Paris Match, 2014.


Her high mountain knowledge gained with freeride snowboarding since the age of 15, combined to her experiences in parachuting since 1998, Géraldine performs world premieres in base jumping and wingsuit flying. Opening some of the most beautiful summits around the globe: Switzerland, France, Baffin Island, Greenland, Iran, Mali, China and Antartica – from mythical peaks ranging from Les Drus, Chamonix, Holtanna, Antarctica, to the Matterhorn, Switzerland flying alongside great eagles. 

A wingsuit is designed like a wing that increases the glide ratio which allow humans to fly. It can be used to jump from a plane or a cliff. Today with the new technology wingsuit enables us to fly along the mountainside and really feel like a bird. 

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